We move all our production to Wonderful Spain

We are very happy to announce Forms In Nature is now fully produced in Spain. The city of Caceres and the wonderful town of Riopar.  

Cáceres, originated as the Roman town of Norba Caesarina, came under Moorish control in the 9th century, and was known as "Alkazares" until reconquered for the Christians by Alfonso IX of Leon in 1229.

All our 3D production, prototyping, and 3D studio will be set at the heart of this millennial city. 

        Riópar was already settled in the Neolithic, as evidenced by the site of La Marija, dated to the early Age of Bronze. The original village of Riópar was established in the Age of Bronze; the place has been continuously inhabited since then.

        The Roman occupation has yielded the Riópar Treasure, composed of 364 coins shown in the Albacete Archeological Museum. The Chorros Cave was allegedly use as a shelter by the partisans of Pompey in the aftermath of the battle of Munda (45 BC).

        Riopar is very deep into nature, you can access this little town by car or 3 times a week by bus. It has a 400 year old Bronze casting tradition and has been at the center of Spanish Bronze craft works. 

        The place is very famous for its waterfalls and wonderful nature.

        We produce all our new Bronze casted Chandeliers and sculptures here.