The Special Project Discount

Forms In Nature sculpture is a creation that resumes years of research and dedication of the artist Pio Diaz Valdez. His continuous curiosity has taken the concept of Forms In Nature (FIN) beyond this specific artwork.

Today Pio explores new interactions between light and shadows and alternative materials like carbon fiber, bronze, organic materials, even precious and semi-precious stones. Experimenting with reflection, mirroring, and the possibilities with new 3D printing technologies -the results are impressive!

The Special Discount Project

The Special Discount Project consists of the sale of art pieces that are the result of artistic research under an attractive discount. These pieces are always unique and special in material selection and design.

The Special Discount Project is open to everyone, but please note that the availability is limited.

If you would like to be notified when the Special Discount Artworks are available, please send us a mail today at


Our current available artwork on discount

An original Forms In Nature Chandelier in Black Matte color

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Discount Price: 1200 USD

Terms and conditions of this discount

  • The piece will be sent in a smaller box and disassembled.
  • You will receive a document with the instructions for a simple assembly of the artwork and its installation.
  • Fixed discount shipping cost worldwide.
Original Forms In Nature Chandelier

Original Forms In Nature Chandelier